Psychotherapy and consultation – Dr. Solomon provides individual treatment, specializing in trauma and grief, in the US and Italy on an appointment basis.

Training – Dr. Solomon provides basic EMDR training and teaches specialty courses in a) EMDR and acute trauma, b) Utilization of EMDR with traumatic grief (often co-presenting with Terese Rando, Ph.D.), and c) Utilization of EMDR with complex trauma (often presenting with Onno van der Hart and others).

He originated  the Art of EMDR – an experiential retreat workshop providing an opportunity for practice in EMDR focusing on the “dance” (e.g. application of optimal bilateral stimulation  to maximize processing) internationally, and practice EMDR stabilization strategies for complex trauma. (see )

EMDR consultation and  study groups – Dr. Solomon provides multi-day advanced EMDR study groups in the United States and Italy.